Sunday, March 20, 2011

AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile

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Once again we have two large Company becoming even larger. This is never a good thing for the consumer. AT&T will spend $1 billion, convincing their customers and other consumers that this acquisition will benefit them by lower-cost and better service.
But in the end there will  be less choices of carriers. Will be reduced the number of carriers by one and increase the profit margins of the remaining carriers. Overall cost will rise for the average consumer.
 This merger can only lead to Verizon and Sprint partnership to counter AT&T and T-Mobile's partnership.

 Just in the past six months AT&T have changed their data packaging cost and it most certainly did not benefit the customer to argument was that the price changes as necessary to deal consumers using a large amount of data.
 The change in cost will cost the average AT&T customer about $18 par month more. The big losers in the long-term will be T-Mobile's current customers. Eventually they will be forced into contracts with AT&T or have to choose a different carrier. Their monthly service cost will eventually go up and overall selection and features will be reduced. At the end of the day; one must ask ourselves.... how does this benefit the customer.
                           The answer is clear, it does not!

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